People Motion understands that the Australian businesses need to operate on the forefront of innovation, but they also need the reliability that comes from years of experience and research which drives to the heart of what influences success in a business – it’s people. 

People Motion is a member of the HR Coach Network, and uses research driven tools to help unlock the value of your business. 

People Motion is a member of the HR Coach Network

The STAR Workplace Program

The STAR Workplace Program is a proprietary tool of the HR Coach Network which benchmarks businesses against the Strategic Action Model and the National Human Resource Framework to identify pain points and help position the business for growth.

The STAR Workplace Program understands that measuring the satisfaction of employees is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to people performance and the profitability of your business.

Measuring Employee alignment, commitment, loyalty and performance while benchmarking against the Strategic Action Model™ and industry standards, businesses are able to see the full picture of people performance and alignment to the strategic direction of the decision makers.

Contact People Motion to find out more about this process and the methodology behind STAR Workplace.

Strategic Action Model

Independent research has shown that in the Australasian market, a large portion of businesses have not linked their strategy with their activity, their employees are busy being busy (see below) but never actually achieving results. 

When the actions of your people have no link to business strategy, you’re just busy being busy

The independant research also shows that only 22% of businesses align the strategy of the business with the everyday activity of its employees.

The Strategic Action Model shows that the relationship between Strategy and Action is key to business success. People Motion works with businesses to align their strategy and action, positioning them for growth.

We partner with you to align your People’s Performance to the Strategic Direction of the orgnisation.


We partner with you to understand where you are now and where you want to be in the future. This allows businesses to take the first step in creating a profitable and sustainable future.

People > Performance > Profit


Australian businesses spend, on average, 65% of their expenses on people/ payroll. 

Yet how they manage this can turn that expense into an asset and drive bottom line performance.

Understanding what influences employees to actively engage in the business success unlocks value and pushes revenue directly to the bottom line.


Performance is ultimately what drives success. Distinguishing the key drivers to performance and maintaining accountability positions business to add real value across all processes.


Businesses build strategic plans but often drift from their objectives when everyday business life interferes. Linking their strategic intent to their everyday activity positions them for sustainable growth.

National Human Resource Framework

With payroll expense taking up to 65% of operating expenses, the National Human Resource Framework provides a pragmatic approach to managing the people side of business and moving this expense into an asset.

Using the National HR Framework HRF101, People Motion wil work with businesses to align the individual activities of its people with the strategic direction of the business.

The National HR Framework HRF101, a national standard developed by the HR Coach Research Institute in collaboration with various operationally focused members of industry.

While every business is different, any business that employs people is in the people business.