Geoff Snowden is Founder and Principal of People Motion.

Geoff works with small-to-medium sized businesses with high growth potential to advance performance, align business capability and drive profitability through their people.

Geoff’s career has spanned employee communications, organisational change, learning and development, performance management, workshop development; facilitation, employee surveys, and other “HR” related areas’ in both small and large organisations.

He has a Graduate Diploma in “Innovation and Service Management”, a program that has provided a solid conceptual and practical understanding of sustainable processes in innovation, change management, continuous improvement, and personal and organisational learning within the context of cultural attitudes and organisational ethos.

Geoff has found that great results come from providing people with the right tools to become great performers.

As a certified HR Coach, Geoff has been carefully selected and thoroughly trained in the HR Coach business methodologies. Together with consulting tools and exclusive software, People Motion is supported by a national network of experts, to offer businesses the best advice and assistance possible.