People management is one of the most common, and most misunderstood, ares of a successful business. We have many ways to guide you through the minefield of people requirements, and help you attract and retain the best people.

People Motion works as your HR Business Partner to create and deliver innovative people performance solutions, while ensuring you have the required HR Systems in place to save your business time and money.

We work with you to align your people to your strategy. We help you improve your business profitability.

Can you afford for your key people to leave?

Very often the first time a business may recognise that an employee is unhappy is when they resign!

People Motion enables you to head them off at the pass! With a fraction of the cost of recruiting a new employee, we will provide solutions to:

  • Uncovering problems
  • Get you on the right track
  • Guide you to create a better workplace

Whether you are having trouble finding and recruiting, retaining and motivating, struggling with Generation Y or keeping compliant, we will guide you


Outsourced HR Manager

Need a HR Manager but cant justify the salary? We have the perfect solution. By accessing our team of experienced HR Professionals, you can access to the expertise with a fraction of the cost! The benefits to you are enormous.

Performance Management

People are complicated – driven by their personality. Knowing what motivates them and how to influence these factors, if you get it right, will differentiate a great business from a good business. We use patented profiling tools like Everything DiSC to assist you to improve the performance of your workforce.

For further information about Everything DiSC, click here.

Business Benchmarking

Using The STAR Workplace System, we can help you get an accurate picture of the gap between how you see your business and how your people are working towards your business direction.

For further information about The STAR Workplace, click here.

One to One Coaching

We can work with you, or managers in your business, to develop their understanding and application of how and when to manage, coach, or mentor your best people.

EASE Coaching Model

People Motion has a unique Coaching model, the EASE Model, developed from successful coaching practice working working with employees to drive improvements – acknowledging past behavior (successes and failures) with a focus on great future performance.


Human Resources Processes and Systems

People Motion can work with you to implement and maintain robust and simple processes and systems. This takes the time consuming activities out of people management. The outcome for your business, is your key personnel can focus on areas that add value to the business.

HR Staff Manager

A complete HR system for any business. Automated forms, HR Guides, reminders and reports all in one simple cloud based system.


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